Minimal makeup

Minimal makeup. The concept is difficult to comprehend when living in a society where a typical face is deeply contoured and concealed. Even “natural” makeup looks take a slew of products to pull off. Now are the times where you need an entire makeup aisle to look like you aren’t wearing any makeup.

Minimalism, being an entire  lifestyle, extends beyond your environment, possessions, and clothing, and into your beauty routine as well. A minimalist makeup routine dwindles the products you use down to a mere handful. The idea isn’t necessarily to look as if you have a face sans makeup. In fact,  you can still create looks for dressier, formal occasions! The idea is, like everything else within minimalism, to achieve simple beauty.

Sophie Davis, blogger behind The Private Life of A Girl , posted a look inside a minimalist’s makeup bag, to prove that” barely there beauty” is not only bearable but also doable. In one, small travel clutch were 8 items, which is shocking low. In a 2016 report from The Daily Mail , the average woman’s makeup routine is comprised of 27 steps. Over a decade ago, in 2006, the average routine only had 8 steps. The minimalist makeup routine ditches the modern, 40 minute long routine, and opts for the simpler approach of the early 2000’s.

Davis narrowed down her bag to 8 essentials guaranteed to cover the basics of your beauty routine:


To smooth pores and overall complexion.

2. BB Cream

Hydrates and evens out skin tone.

3. Eyebrow pencil

To groom the focal point of your face.

4. Kohl eye liner pencil (in chocolate brown as opposed to black)

A soft shade to add definition to eyes.

5. Neutral eyeshadow

Davis used a soft brown/bronze shade in a cream finish that can be applied lightly for a natural look or layered heavily for a smoky eye. Day to night looks with one product.


7. Technakohl eyeliner

To brighten eyes.

8. Fresh sugar lip treatment

To hydrate lips and provide SPF protection, all with a hint of color.


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