Traveling Light

During the past week

I was faced with one of my most difficult minimalist challenges to date. I had to pack for a weeklong business seminar using only a small suitcase and tote bag. I was expected to dress business casual for 3 days, business formal for 2 days, and cocktail wear for the final night. Now I’ve certainly cut down my closet significantly since the beginning of my minimalist journey. But when I went to plan out my travel gear, I had no clue how to fit everything I’d need for my trip into one suitcase and a single tote. Thankfully, Travel Fashion Girl did.


The team at Travel Fashion Girl designed a packing list that fits all essential business wear into a single carry on bag. The list consists of ten items (shoes and accessories not included) that can create a minimum of 1-2 weeks of outfits. The trick? Mixing and matching a wardrobe of basic styles and colors. What you’ll need: 4 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 dress, and 2 jackets. Using this as a guideline, I pared my suitcase down to three 1 long sleeve blouse, 1 oxford, 1 sleeveless shell, black and navy pants, a navy dress, one blazer, and a classic black skirt.

Eagle Creek’s Travel hub also offered some minimalist travel assistance. The site’s article, 10 Ways to Pack 10 Pounds Lighter. The article suggests buying toiletries after arrival to save space in your bag. Opt for travel sized options so there is less waste at the end of your trip and no need to pack leftover supplies into your carry on. Also, pack for your itinerary rather than your destination. If you’re going to a warm place but will have no time to hit the beach, you probably don’t need to take up space in your bag with three bathing suits. Think critically about your travel needs and, like anything in minimalism, be completely honest with yourself about your lifestyle so you can pack in the best way.


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