Skin Care Done Simply

Jordan Younger is a wellness ambassador for Kohl’s and blogger behind The Balanced Blonde. Although her site is not strictly a minimalist site she does advocate for what she considers to be a minimalist skin care routine, which she shared with readers through a guest blog post for Mind Body Green. She may not advocate for a minimalist lifestyle specifically, but she does believe that life should be simple, including your beauty routine.

Younger suggests making your skin care routine a spa experience, to instill the idea that skin should not only be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, but also one that should not be rushed. In a recent beauty post on her blog, Younger recommends Rodan + Fields Unblemish & Soothe products, MUN Argan oil, and Juice Beauty Foundation.

Her last- and most stressed- beauty recommendation? Baths! She explains in her guest post for Mind Body Green, “I try to take a bath everyday (even if it’s short) because they are so soothing for my nervous system, helping to reduce stress. On top of that, I’ve found that my skin responds really well to all of the hydration and soaking.” Younger uses Earth Therapeutics Sea of Tranquility bath soak. The final step to her beauty routine is moisturizing after cleansing, exfoliating, and soaking her skin.

Brennan Kilbane is the Associate Editor for Glossier  who, similar to Younger, advocates for a minimalist beauty regimen. Kilbane’s routine sticks to the basic five skin care products: cleanser, serum, SPF, moisturizer, and exfoliant. He brings his readers through a typical day of skin care, beginning his morning with Hydriabo moisturizing serum, followed by Bioré SPF and a Hydrating Facial cleanser in the evening. The following morning, he opts for a fuller routine, applying the serum, SPF, and a lightweight moisturizer in one go. He recommends this combo for anyone looking to apply makeup right after a skin routine.

The list of Kilbane’s five items can be found below:

  1. REN clear skincare Radiance Renewal Mask 
  2. Hado Labo Hydrating Facial Cleanser 
  3. Natura Bissē Skin Protectant 
  4. Bioré UV Aqua Rich SPF 
  5. Bioderma Hydrabio Gel-creme 

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be stressful, whether you’re a minimalist or not.


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