The Mindfulness Project

A common theme amongst many minimalist blogs I’ve come across during my minimalist journey is that of mindfulness. Minimalism is less of a practice and more of a lifestyle due to the process having more to do with mentality than it does physically decluttering your space. Many of the bloggers we’ve met, all of which can be found here, have suggested mindfulness as a way of not only beginning but sustaining your minimalist lifestyle.

What is mindfulness? 

Aly of “Live a life you’ll love…With less,” acknowledges that minimalists naturally are “mindful” of the items they purchase and choose to fill their space with. But being mindful is more than that. It is the practice of being actively present in your life and everything that you do. Read her entire experience with mindfulness here. .

The Minimalists also identified mindfulness as complimenting minimalism. Joshua Fields Millburn interviewed Sam Harris about his book, Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion,  and how mindfulness and minimalism intersect. Harris suggests that there are different levels at which an individual can participate in mindfulness. With the higher levels, the ego is diminished, which eliminates the “I” and thus selfishness.

After trying your hand at mindfulness, The Vibrant Wellness Journal proposes the 30 Day Mindful Minimalist challenge as a way to apply this awareness to promoting a simpler lifestyle. The challenge promotes focus over multi-tasking by asking participants to zero in on one minimalist related task a day. The first challenge requires participants to focus on staying off the internet for an entire day, while day 13 uses a traditional minimalist approach, focusing on cleaning out one’s closet. The challenge begins with an internet free day to remind participants of how distracted our lives become when consumed by social media or how much energy we use simply staring at a computer screen for hours. Day 4 of the challenge encourages participants to be more aware of the energy they spend being negative in comparison to that being spent on positivity. This challenge is especially important to living a simpler life. It forces us to not only be aware but hold ourselves accountable for the things we say and how they impact our daily life and mood.

Would you attempt the 30 day mindful minimalist challenge? 





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