Summer Skin Care done Simply

With the seasonal transition from dark, winter days, to sunny, warm summer ones, our skin routine transitions as well. Sometimes our skin composition alters with the weather change, or perhaps we simply need to take extra precautions with the increase in UV ray intensity. No matter your situation, a skin routine that is simple and effective is commonly preferred.

The Private Life of A Girl, a minimalist lifestyle blog, provides her best products for a minimalist skin care routine that is both simple and time effective without sacrificing quality. Sophie, the blogger behind The Private Life of A Girl, says of the minimalist approach, “[it’s] about streaming our routine to make it as dynamic and effective as possible with only the most necessary products.” She breaks down the routine into three simple categories: 3 steps in the morning, 3 steps in the evening, and three steps that occur once a week.


  1. Wash face with warm water. Sophie recommends not using a cleanser in the morning, as you’ll typically use one in the evening. Opting out of a cleanser in the morning will prevent you from drying out your skin.
  2. Apply sunscreen! This is the most important step, and one that should be continued during all seasons, not just summer. Sophie recommends Delph Sun Lotion SPF30. For those on a budget, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF formula is another excellent option, especially for those who wear makeup.
  3. Apply moisturizer. Sophie uses Organic Avocado Oil as her morning moisturizer.


  1. Double Cleanse, using coconut oil followed by a cleansing water.
  2. Treat Skin
  3. Moisturize. Sophie uses MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil at night.

Once A Week:

  1. Exfoliate skin
  2. Deep cleanse using a face mask. Sophie uses this Alpha H mask.
  3. Treat for any skin issue. Complete this step as needed. La Roche-Posay Targeted Breakout Concealer is perfect for mid week skin emergencies.


This skin routine is created for individuals with more normal skin types. If your skin tends to be more oily, especially when the summer hits, Astrida Naturals recommends using an actual cleanser rather than an oil and cleansing water, and washing your face in the morning and at night.


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