Minimalism Revealed

Minimalism isn’t an easy lifestyle to subscribe to, but there is increasingly more proof in the last year that living simply can change your life for the better. Adept minimalists are beginning to turn to publishing, podcasts, and video to share their secrets, giving newbies guidance when delving into their minimized life.


Minimalist blogger, Barbara, the face behind Simplify Days, suggests five books that helped her and her husband when they began their minimalist journey nearly seven years ago.

  1. The Joy of Less- Francine Jay. Jay is also the blogger behind Miss Minimalist, where she offers her personal philosophies on living a simpler life.
  2. Simplify- Joshua Becker. Becker is the mind behind Becoming Minimalist, which has been feature on this blog multiple times. In his book, he provides his “rational minimalist” perspective.
  3. The Power of Less- Leo Babauta. Babauta is the blogger behind Zen Habits. Barbara recommends this book for people looking to learn more about the practice of focusing and being present.
  4. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up– Marie Kando. Kando’s book is not traditionally categorized as a “minimalist book” like the others on this list. Nevertheless, Barbara comes back to this one again and again.
  5. Zero Waste Home– Bea Johnson. Johnson teaches readers how to be more conscious consumers.

The Minimalists: Podcasts and Documentaries

In their wildly successful podcast, The Minimalists Podcast, The Minimalist, Joshua Millbrun and Ryan Nicodemus discuss the premise of subscribing to a minimalist lifestyle: Living a meaningful life with less. The entire span of 72 episodes can be found here.

The Minimalists also released a Documentary, which can be found on Netflix. I wrote about their work with the documentary back in my first post. Now, Joshua and Ryan upload Making Minimalism, a series on Youtube that brings aspiring minimalists behind the scenes of their documentary. Learn more about Making Minimalism here.

Happy Exploring!


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