Simple Eating: Snacking

We all have those days. Perhaps there’s no time to make a full meal. Maybe you’re in need of solid study snacks. Or you just simply are craving something to munch on between meals. The Minimalist Baker has you covered.

For the Granola Bar Junkie

Dana makes the crunchiest, perfectly sweet granola bars, ideal for those grab and go cravings. The bars can be made in under an hour, only needing to throw together 9 ingredients into a single bowl to make the base! The recipe gains its flavor from the almond butter, raw seeds, and coconut, and sweetness  from the natural maple syrup and pitted dates. Find the entire recipe here.


For the Muffin fan

The 1 bowl chocolate chocolate chip muffins are both vegan and gluten free, and are perfect for the breakfast lover who can’t get enough of their favorite baked pastry item. The muffins take minimal kitchen utensils to prepare, and can be fully baked in roughly 40 minutes. The recipe uses flax eggs to make it vegan as well as gluten free oats and almond flour to make the recipe GF friendly. Find the entire recipe here.


For the bite sized energy snacker

Can’t be any simpler than bite sized energy bites. Dana throws a handful of ingredients into a single food processor to make this bite sized treat.

Dana’s Hemp Dark Chocolate Energy Bites takes a mere 7 ingredients to make, the main base centering on a cup of soaked dates and 2 cups of walnuts.


The No-Bake Peanut Butter and Jelly Energy Bites version of the recipe also uses a simple 7 ingredients. This recipe uses Gluten-free oats and protein powder to up the protein count.




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