What does it mean to live ‘bare’?

When I was first exposed to the concept of minimalism, it was described to me as “living bare.” But what does it mean to live bare? Is it living with no material possessions? Does it mean to practice extreme honesty? Does the lifestyle hint at naturism? I was relieved to find that social nudity is in no way a prerequisite of effectively practicing minimalism. That being said, the idea of living in a naked state isn’t too far off.

Minimalism encourages people to strip down their lifestyle to simplify it and reconnect themselves with life’s necessities. It’s not about living with nothing, it’s about learning to live with less to make room for a simplicity that gives us a meaningful existence. An intriguing idea, but not necessarily the easiest lifestyle to achieve.

Road to Bare is about exactly what the name implies: My road to a bare lifestyle. I’ll be examining the plausibility of  minimalism by looking at the blogs of established minimalists. Through the trials and tribulations of a young woman with too much ‘stuff’, I’ll explore if “living bare” is possible.