Minimalism Revealed

Minimalism isn't an easy lifestyle to subscribe to, but there is increasingly more proof in the last year that living simply can change your life for the better. Adept minimalists are beginning to turn to publishing, podcasts, and video to share their secrets, giving newbies guidance when delving into their minimized life. Books Minimalist blogger, Barbara, … Continue reading Minimalism Revealed

Minimalist Travel: Overseas and Long Term trips

Traveling can be hard. Especially when it comes to packing. The very act of choosing a small selection of all the items we own and committing to using only those items while traveling can stir up enough anxiety to damper an entire trip. The stress doesn't then come from having to choose a small selection, but rather lugging … Continue reading Minimalist Travel: Overseas and Long Term trips

Staying Simple in College

College is the perfect opportunity to pursue minimalism. New students pack up their rooms and move into compact dorms warranting the use of extreme organizational techniques in order to fit everything into a single space. Typically, the problem students face is their attachment to the material things that found a place in their last bedroom. There … Continue reading Staying Simple in College

Minimalist Myths: Debunked

Take everything you know about minimalism, and throw it away. Throw it away as if it's an out dated shirt from your "glory days," lost in the clutter of your closet. It's useless and adds nothing to your progress (or style- yikes). Minimalism has many benefits, yet not a lot of people willingly practice the lifestyle. … Continue reading Minimalist Myths: Debunked